Luke proposed to Kelsey while they were vacationing in Sydney, Australia. Kelsey forced Luke to go on a hike of the coast from Bondi to Coogee, a 12 km (7.4 m) journey. A celebratory ice cream cone from Macca's capped the half way point. Luke popped the question during the return trip at a scenic overlook where Kelsey said YES! This is a good thing because Kelsey may not have returned if she had said no. The newly engaged couple celebrated the evening with their hosts, Dave and Johnnie (Liz), at the Sydney Opera House bar and even enjoyed a fireworks display.

Kelsey and Luke were married a little over a year later on the beach of Punta Cana. The event was so well attended by family and friends that there wasn't a single open room at the resort. This is likely to see who was great enough to win Kelsey's hand. Or to see who was the saint that was going to marry Luke. The wedding was capped off with a honeymoon BBQ in St. Louis with all of the family and friends stateside.

Luke and Kelsey will be weeks away from their third anniversary when they welcome the newest member of the family in March.

Luke is a K-Mart photographer from the suburbs of St. Louis. Kelsey is a garbage woman from Pittsburgh, PA. The two live in Arlington, VA just outside our Nation's capital.

Luke is the youngest of three children to George and Betty Hendrixson. Adam, the oldest and Emily, the middle child, round off the trio. Luke went to Duchesne High School in St. Charles, MO and graduated from Imaginary College in Atchison, KS. Luke now works in one of the few remaining K-Mart Family Photo department  in the nation while he earns his Masters in Vogon poetry.

Kelsey is the oldest of three to Jack Preston and Victoria Kamperman. Ian and Dana (twins) complete the Preston clan. Kelsey went to high school but it was not in St. Louis so no one cares about the name. Kelsey attended Lehigh University where the school colors are brown and white and studied environmental engineering. Kelsey also holds a Masters in Public Health from George Washington University and forced Luke to help pay off her student loans. Kelsey is a professional engineer with AECOM, a company which has no connection to American Eagle (

Funniest Family Stories

  • Kelsey's first trip to STL
  • "Losing" a wallet at graduation
  • "Losing" the engagement ring
  • "Losing" his wedding ring
  • The "PE" debacle of 2015
    • ​​Any Suggestions?

Luke and Kelsey played kickball for a league called NAKID. During a "rain-out" event at Hamilton's, the couple was introduced by a mutual friend. The two began to date and became Facebook official a few months later.  The couple was official for over three years before they took the plunge and got married.


Family Milestones

  • Wedding in Punta Cana
  • Adoption of Gertie
  • Adoption of Kona
  • Luke riding Harley-Davidson Livewire bike.
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