Baby Pool Results

Randy S.

We had a lot of fun running through everyone's entries. We also have a new collection of names for Baby Hendrixson #2. Our condolences to everyone that did not win.

Well, except Dana, because she cheated!

Aunt Pat

Great Grandma Ruth

Mike B.

Angeline F.

Aunt Denise

Zach E.

Alena L.

Kiele C.

Grandma Vicki

Tommy B.

Taylor H.

Mindy F.

Logan H.


Kaytlynn P.

Josh M.

Kelsey H.

Joe B.

Janis D.

Grandpa George

Eric K.

Joe H.

Niki H.

​Sean F.

​Kelsey and Luke were running low on funds, so they created a baby pool to help cover some of the doctor bills. Over 40 people placed bets so the new parents will be able to keep the repo man at bay.

The categories, answers, and the people that made correct guesses are listed below for your perusal. Clark is still picking out prizes so keep your eyes on your mailbox if your name is among the list of winners.

FYI-Dana filled out her entry after she a message from Kelsey saying she was in labor so we have reported her to the gaming commission as a cheater.

Date: 3/7/2018

Gender: Male

Weight: 7lb 5oz

Zach (MN-George)

Janis D. (MN-George)

​Stacy G. (MN-George)

Joe B. (Honorable Mention-Kal-El)

Scott W. (Best Suggestion- Lord Farquaad)​

Sorry if you didn't win!


Name: Clark George

Taylor H.

Kaytlynn P.

Joe H.


Eddie K.

​Jan M.