If you have made it to this site, you will know Luke and Kelsey are big fans of dogs. They have fostered several hounds, volunteered with local rescue organizations, and adopted two pooches. They are such big fans, that they even asked friends and family to donate to a local rescue organizations in lieu of wedding gifts.

Kelsey often comments that Luke is more excited to see dogs than friends and family. This is a statement that he does not repeat, but has never refuted. So if you want the Hendrixson's to attend an event or donate to a cause, just make sure a dog is involved and Luke will be the first person to RSVP or donate!






The Hendrixsons struggled with the loss of Gertie through the winter months of 2017-2018. As the weather and mood began to improve around the household, and "Oscar's" arrival just a few months away, Luke and Kelsey decided to move forward and add another furry member of the family. The goal was to get the new dog adjusted to its new life before "Oscar" came along and threw everything out of whack.

The couple found Kona, formerly E^2 through a friend at work. She is a 6 year old chocolate lab that has recently retired from the hardest job of them all, motherhood. Kona needed a home and the Hendrixsons were happy to give her one in January of 2018. 

The name, Kona, stems from her original name E^2 or Espresso Espresso. Luke proposed a lot of coffee themed names such as Beans, Starbuck, Seattle's Best, and Barista. Kelsey wisely passed on all of his suggestions, saying they could be revisited for future dog names. The couple eventually settled on Kelsey's pick, Kona and are already falling in love with the doogle.

If you found Kona, our chocolate lab, please visit the "Baby Pictures"  page to find contact information. Once you get in touch, Kelsey and I will come to wherever you are located to pick up our furry family member!

Luke and Kelsey finally resumed a normal schedule in the Fall of 2015 after all the wedding madness. Following the adoption of one of their foster dogs, the newly-weds decided to adopt their first furry member of the family. Gertie, or Princess Gertrude, joined the clan in November of 2015. She was a 10 year old Staffie mix that was in foster care through the DC Humane Society (HRA). Luke and Kelsey found Gertie through the HRA's Twitter feed. The couple had originally planned to adopt a bonded pair, but changed their mind when they saw the senior "wiggly butt" that needed a home. 

In the spring of 2017, Gertie's vet found a mass in her bladder. Clarendon Animal Care helped Gertie, Luke and Kelsey with excellent treatment for the condition. Sadly, the medications and the ailment took a toll on Gertie's kidneys and she suddenly passed in November of 2017.