Luke and Kelsey

Wedding Day Preparations

The following pictures were taken by the sister-in-law of the groom, Niki Hendrixson. Niki cut the happy couple a very reasonable price to act as the official photographer. The "photography package" included preparation pictures, pre-ceremony beach photos, family pictures following the ceremony, and all the insanity throughout the reception. Had Niki known the task she faced attempting to capture the crazy event on film, I am sure she would have charged the couple a lofty sum. Fortunately, the couple escaped without paying a kings ransom and have these beautiful pictures to share with everyone. Kelsey and Luke think Niki did a great job, considering what she was given to work with for the event and would be happy to share her information with anyone that would like to hire her for future events.​

Most of the following pictures are of the ladies as they get ready. There are several pictures of the gentleman getting dressed but most include the groom in his underwear and no one wants to see that site.

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