Baby Bump at Christmas.

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Baby Bump at Christmas

​Kelsey and Luke kept their secret for several months from family, friends, and coworkers. This was a true challenge, but Kelsey dodged questions by saying she was the DD and Luke has a BA in Political Science, so he is well trained in saying things that are not-not true.

The couple told Kelsey's family during another trip to Asheville as it would have been too hard to avoid the romantic water without stirring suspicion. Grandma Vicki was told in person and GrandJad found out ​moments later in a Facetime call. Everyone was sworn to secrecy until the information went public. This promise was broken by everyone except Grandpa Chuck, who is a man of his word.

Luke's family found out about the news via Facetime calls from the couple on Luke's 32nd birthday. Everyone congratulated the expecting couple and Adam and Emmy thanked them for keeping the tradition alive by announcing the first-born child on August 29th.

Luke and Kelsey told their extended family and friends with the assistance of their beloved Gertie. After a VERY challenging photo shoot, Kelsey was able to snag a picture of the Sister-Saurus. The image was shared via email and the "dog was out of the yard." Sorry, Gertie didn't like c-a-t-s so avoid the bag phrase.

Baby Bump at Thanksgiving

The news eventually hit social media in December when Kelsey forced Luke to do a "hand on the belly" picture at the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh. This is not the first picture of pregnant Kelsey to hit the web, but everyone probably assumed she was just putting on weight.

How We Found Out About "Oscar"

Kelsey and Luke found out they were expecting shortly after a visit to Asheville where they visited Aunt Dana. Rumor has it, the romantic water of Asheville, aka beer, is the source of all the excitement.

Kelsey and Luke are not the type for fan fare, so after returning home, she took a test (actually multiple) in the master bath which came back positive. A few weeks later the couple visited a doctor who confirmed there was a bun in the oven.

Sorry, there is no Youtube video or elaborate story. The couple isn't that creative.  

How We Told Others About "Oscar"

Why Do people Call Clark "Oscar"?

Baby Bump at Thanksgiving

Kelsey and Luke decided to buck the trend of finding out Baby Hendrixson's gender in advance of the birth. The couple found out the gender when the baby arrived. Since they did not know the gender prior to the birth, they had not assigned a name.

That being said, everyone needed something to call Baby Hendrixson besides "IT" or "Baby". Kelsey's dad, Jack (GrandJad) sent a card with several placeholder names. The one that stuck was Oscar so that is what we called Baby Hendrixson until his real name was selected.