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Gift Registry

Kelsey and Luke consider your presence a most generous gift. If you will be in attendance at one of our various events in Punta Cana or St. Louis, MO you should leave this page now

Friends and family have overpowered Kelsey and forced her to create a gift registry on Amazon. You can find a link to the registry at the bottom of this page. Luke has had some fun adding "unique" gifts to the registry which Kelsey may not have approved so she will work to keep the registry up to date and remove any frivolous gifts. Luke will work to thwart Kelsey and build a list of the most ridiculous gifts known to man. If you really insist on giving us something please use AmazonSmile to purchase your gifts. This will allow you to donate to a charity of your choice at the same time as giving a gift to Luke and Kelsey. Additional details on AmazonSmile can be found at the following link. (AmazonSmile)

In lieu of gifts feel free to donate to the pet rescue, Lost Dog and Cat Foundation. You can click this link to return to the home page and look at cute pictures of dogs as well as to make a donation.

Amazon Wedding Registry